Occupational health rules

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Occupational health rules (AMR) specify the requirements of the Ordinance on Occupational Health Care (ArbMedVV) in Germany. They are drawn up by the Committee for Occupational Medicine and are intended to reflect the state of occupational medicine and established occupational medical knowledge. The rules of occupational medicine are not legally binding. When they are announced in the Joint Ministerial Gazette (GMBl) by the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs , they have a presumptive effect: This means that if the occupational health rules are complied with, it is assumed that the requirements of the ordinance on preventive occupational health care are met. If an employer does not implement the occupational health rules, the measures he has chosen must guarantee at least the same level of safety and health protection for employees as compliance with the occupational health rules.

Overview of the occupational health rules published so far
AMR no. Title of the occupational health rule
2.1 Deadlines for initiating / offering preventive occupational health care
3.1 Required information / procurement of information about the job conditions
5.1 Requirements for the offer of preventive occupational health care
6.1 Deadlines for the retention of medical records
6.2 Biomonitoring
6.3 Pension certificate
6.4 Notifications to the employer according to Section 6 (4) ArbMedVV
6.5 Vaccinations as part of preventive occupational health care when working with biological agents
11.1 Deviations according to Annex Part 1 Paragraph 4 ArbMedVV for activities with carcinogenic or germ cell mutagenic hazardous substances of category 1A or 1B
13.1 Activities with extreme heat stress that can lead to a particular hazard
13.2 Activities with significantly increased physical stress with health risks for the musculoskeletal system
14.1 Appropriate examination of the eyes and vision
14.2 Division of breathing apparatus into groups

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