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The archive for diplomatics, written history, seal and heraldry (short archive for diplomatics , abbreviated AfD or AD ) is a historical journal dedicated to the historical auxiliary sciences .

It is the successor organ of the archive for document research founded by Michael Tangl in 1908 and has been published once a year since 1956. The journal, founded by Edmund Ernst Stengel , publishes studies and presentations from all areas of auxiliary historical sciences from the early Middle Ages to the present day, with a special focus on diplomacy and its related sciences. Walter Heinemeyer was the editor of the magazine for many years . In the last few years the magazine was published by Walter Koch and Theo Kölzer (Volume 47/48 (2002) - Volume 60 (2014)), Irmgard Fees and Andreas Meyer (Volume 61 (2015) - Volume 63 (2017)). From volume 64 (2018), the journal is jointly published by Andrea Stieldorf and Irmgard Fees. It is published by Böhlau Verlag .

More extensive representations, some of them compilations, are published as AfD supplements . The fourteen volumes published so far contain studies on various law firms, on Coluccio Salutati's state letters, on Gothic scripts, on collective indulgences and, most recently, on digital diplomacy.

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