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Area typological map based on the clustering of the pronunciation intervals of German dialects.

The area typology is one of several ways of comparing languages . She examines languages ​​or dialects in a limited geographical area and how they relate to one another.

Research in the field of general linguistics focuses on how languages, due to long-term contact, influence one another in terms of their typological (grammatical) properties. If such an influence can be proven, such groups of languages ​​are called Sprachbund . For example, the Balkan language federation or the language federations on the Indian subcontinent , the Southeast Asian mainland or in Mesoamerica are known .

The area typology can, however, also be applied to the local varieties of just one language area and thus made fruitful for dialectology . By using a differentiated arsenal of quantitative methods, she overcomes the traditional approach, which is ultimately based on arbitrarily selected characteristics, and can make clear the distance and proximity of the various High, Middle and Low German dialects, for example .

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