Ariane (funding program)

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Ariane was one of three first generation EU funding programs in the field of culture (the others were Raphael and Kaleidoskop ). The program subsidized projects in the field of "books and reading". The basis was Decision No. 2085/97 / EC of the European Parliament and the Council of 6 October 1997. The financial framework for Ariane was 7 million ECU . Over the two-year period (1997-1998), the Ariane program funded a total of 488 projects with an average of 8500 ECU. Since the EU is only allowed to make a "contribution" in the cultural field according to the European treaties , the funding rate was a maximum of 50% of the costs. The Ariane program was replaced by the Culture 2000 program .


  • Printed matter 571/98 of the German Federal Council (Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament, the Council and the Committee of the Regions) Document COM (98) 266 final.

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