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Culture 2000 is the name of an EU culture funding program . Since the Maastricht Treaty came into force , the European Union has also had a competence in the field of culture, which it exercises through special actions ( European Capital of Culture ) and funding programs.

The first EU cultural funding programs were the Raphael , Kaleidoskop and Ariane programs . Since January 1, 2000, EU cultural funding has mainly been provided through the so-called Culture 2000 framework program . Legal basis of the program was the resolution no. 508/2000 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 14 February 2000. The promotion was annually through calls for proposals (referred calls ) awarded. One example is the call from July 2004. In the middle of 2006, the winners of the last call from 2005 were announced. The Cultural Contact Point in Bonn provides information about the program, how to apply and other calls for proposals and calls of interest to culture . The program, originally limited to December 31, 2004, was extended by two years to December 31, 2006 by Decision No. 626/2004 / EC of the Council and the European Parliament of March 31, 2004.

In terms of content, funding took place through three “campaigns”. Action 1 concerned specific innovative and / or experimental cultural projects, usually lasting one year and involving at least partners from three Member States. The funding was a maximum of 50% of the eligible costs, but at least 50,000 euros and a maximum of 150,000 euros. Action 2 concerned multi-annual cultural cooperation projects between at least five partners from different EU Member States. The funding amounted to a maximum of 60% of the eligible costs and a maximum of 300,000 euros. Action 3 included special cultural events with a European or international dimension, such as the European Capital of Culture action .

Other cultural promotion measures were carried out in particular through the Community action program for the promotion of cultural institutions operating at European level (Decision No. 792/2004 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of April 21, 2004).

With resolution no. 1855/2006 / EC of the European Parliament and the Council of December 12, 2006 on the Culture 2007-2013 program, further EU funding for culture has been regulated from January 1, 2007 after the end of the Culture 2000 program.

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