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Astrid Nielsch (stage name Asni ; * 1967 in Berlin ) is a German harpist and an internationally leading interpreter of historical harps from the Middle Ages and the Baroque.


Astrid Nielsch studied modern harps in Berlin. Then historical harps in Bremen. She also began her career as a soloist. She had one of her solo appearances in 1993 in Copenhagen at the World Harp Congress.

Astrid Nielsch founded the Hyperboreas in 1994 and performed with them mainly in Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden.

From 1995 to 1999 she was a member of the New York ensemble ARTEK-458 Strings and performed with the Mark Morris Dance Group.

In 1997 she founded the ensemble “Rent a Nightingale” with Gaby Bultmann , recorders . The duo specializes in very old as well as completely new music and performed at the new music festival "Risonanze" in Venice. A CD recording was released in 2000.

In 1997 she graduated from the Rijksuniversiteit Utrecht with a cum laude degree in musicology . She is recognized worldwide as a specialist in the harp repertoire of the Spanish Baroque and has published various articles and editions of historical harp music.

Asni has been teaching ancient harps at Victoria University of Wellington , New Zealand , since 2003 . In the same year her solo CD "700 Years of Pop" was released, which attracted widespread attention with its mix of historical, traditional and modern music.

In 2006 she teaches at the International Harp Festival in Edinburgh .

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