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Audio ( Latin I hear , from audire ' to hear') is used as part of words that have to do with hearing or sound engineering (e.g. audio system, audiometer , auditorium ).

Audio refers to the human hearing range , which includes the sound wave range from 16 Hz to 20 kHz. This area is subject to the human hearing characteristics and is strongly age-dependent in the upper part. The audible upper frequency limit can drop to 10 kHz and below with age. Auditory perceptions are normally based on sound events of any semantic content of (phonetic) languages , noises or music . (For auditory perceptions without a physical correlate, see Universals of Music Perception , Psychoacoustics, or Tinnitus .)

With the spread of music systems, the term audio became common as an abbreviation for audio system and is mainly used to distinguish pure music and sound applications from image and film applications ( video , home cinema ).

With the spread of multimedia- capable computers , word formations with audio also emerged in the information sector : RealAudio , Compact Disc Digital Audio .

Audio signal

An audio signal , also known as a sound signal, is an electrical signal that conveys acoustic information. In many entertainment electronics devices , the term audio signal is also used to distinguish it from the video signal , which transports image information.

The processing of audio signals and the conversion between sound and audio signals (microphone signal) are the subject of sound engineering and signal processing .

In cinema, video and DVD films, a distinction is made between the audio track (several tracks for additional languages) and film tracks (the image data). Each audio track can contain one (mono) or several audio channels (stereo: left, right).

Well-known interfaces for audio signals in home electronics are the jack plugs and cinch plugs , and in studio technology the XLR plugs (also called cannon plugs).


AUDIO is the name of a month from the WEKA Media Publishing published magazine , posing as test and guide magazine for topics high fidelity , surround sound , high-end and music understands. It was founded in 1978.

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