Atalante (comic)

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Atalante is a six-part comic series by the Belgian author and comic artist Crisse and is about the adventures of the Amazon Atalante in Greek mythology. Crisse does not strictly adhere to tradition.


In the first part, The Pact , Atalante is exiled after her birth by her father, King Iasus, because of her gender and abandoned in a valley. The goddesses Hecate, Aphrodite and Artemis save the child and provide them with useful gifts such as beauty (from Aphrodite), a deterrent character, the gift of a fast runner (Hecate) and an incomparable robustness (Artemis). Out of jealousy, Hera puts a curse on Atalante: As soon as she shares the camp with a suitor, both are said to be wrathful with the gods. Then Atalante is handed over to the river and taken in and raised by the peaceful forest creatures.

Many years passed until Atalante was kidnapped by human hunters when she was a girl - from then on she learned the art of hunting and the company of people. Her greatest wish is to become an Amazon. For this purpose, she is hired on the ship of Jason and his Argonauts, but is turned away because of her gender. Due to a heroic deed in her home forest (she mediates between the forest dwellers and a tribe of marauding Centaurs), however, she is accepted by the men and can take part in the trip.

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