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legal form GmbH & Co. KG
founding 1988; 2006
resolution 2000
Reason for dissolution bankruptcy
Seat Bielefeld , GermanyGermanyGermany 
management Delia Wüllner-Schulz
Branch Publishing
Website www.splitter-verlag.de

The Splitter Verlag is the name of two German comic publishers with a focus on French-Belgian comics . Today's owner is Splitter GmbH & Co KG .

First publishing house founded

The (old) Splitter Verlag was founded in 1988 by Jürgen Janetzki in Munich . The program was initially shaped by Franco-Belgian comics , with a focus on fantasy and science fiction . Numerous titles from the American image publisher were later taken over. After discontinuing numerous series, the publisher filed for bankruptcy in 2000 . In addition to the first German publications of the stories of Troll von Troy , before they were taken over by Carlsen-Verlag , magazine series with Vampirella , Witchblade and The Darkness were also among the publisher's “draft horses”.

Second publishing house founded

Splitter GmbH & Co KG , founded by Dirk Schulz , Delia Wüllner-Schulz and Horst Gotta, secured the rights to the established name in 2006 and re-established Splitter-Verlag with its headquarters in Bielefeld . With the managing director Delia Wüllner-Schulz, the publishing house built on the previous publishing strategy of mainly publishing fantasy and science fiction comics from the French-speaking area. Splitter Verlag has published over 1,000 comic albums since it was founded. In the meantime, the publishing program has been expanded to include other genres and graphic novels, and also includes comic series from the USA and England . In addition, Splitter regularly publishes German comics from the fields of fantasy and science fiction, such as B. Adaptations of Die Zwerge by Markus Heitz or Das Wolkenvolk by Kai Meyer . The imprint toonfish , founded in 2010, includes humor and funny comics, especially comics from Peyo's studio such as The Smurfs or Johann und Pfiffikus.

Other popular comic series published by Splitter in German translation include Die alten Knacker , Storm , Die Druiden , Thorgal , Percy Pickwick , James Bond (from the English publisher Dynamite Entertainment ) and various series by Christophe Arleston ( Lanfeust von Troy ) and Jeff Lemire .

Splitter publishes almost all comics in hardcover and places special emphasis on high-quality paper and good color quality. The majority of the backlist is kept permanently available due to re-editions of out of print titles . In the course of this, the publisher regularly publishes complete editions of comic classics that are completely or partially out of print in Germany ( Dan Cooper , Rick Master ).

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