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Vampirella is a fictional vampire comic book heroine that of Forrest J Ackerman white black for the same horror - comic from the publisher Warren Publishing was created, and by the author Archie Goodwin and the subscribers Frank Frazetta and Tom Sutton was developed.

After it was published by Warren from 1969 to 1983, the magazine was sold to Harris Comics . Harris has published various vampire series series since 1991.

Vampirella originally appeared as an inhabitant of the planet Drakulon , a planet whose inhabitants lived on blood and on which rivers of blood flowed. Drakulon orbited the twin suns Satyr and Circe, the former having erratic eruptions that wiped out the entire population of the planet. As the effects of the explosion subsided, new species formed. The race to which Vampirella belongs, the Vampiri, could turn into bats , grow wings, and drink blood at will.

The story begins with the threatened annihilation of Draculon's population by Satyr's last eruption. As the last survivors are dying, a spaceship crashes from Earth on the planet. Vampirella, who was sent to scout the crash site, is attacked; when she strikes back, she discovers that the astronauts have blood flowing in their veins. To ensure the survival of her race, she decides to fly the spaceship back to its home planet. That is where their adventures begin; Vampirella is a "good" vampire and uses her powers to destroy the native "bad" vampires.

Harris Comics brought Vampirella back to life in the Morning in America miniseries , written by Kurt Busiek . Shortly thereafter, readers learned that Vampirella had been brainwashed by her brother and sister into believing she came from the planet Drakulon (in the story Mystery Walk ). She learned that she was actually the daughter of Lilith , supposedly the first wife of the biblical Adam . This had mated with demons from Hell to create vampires that were to exterminate the descendants of Adam and Eve on earth. Later she sought redemption from God and gave birth to Vampirella, a good vampire who was supposed to kill all bad vampires. According to this history, Drakulon was part of the hell in which Lilith lived and ruled.



This alien heroine is considered a vampire because she needs blood to survive and has many typical vampire powers such as great strength, quick reflexes, the ability to transform into a bat, and a petrifying look. She is not affected by the traditional weaknesses of the typical vampire, such as daylight, holy water , garlic or crosses. Nor can she turn people into vampires. She doesn't attack people to drink their blood unless she is attacked. She is almost always very scantily clad.

Conrad van Helsing

A blind vampire hunter with clairvoyant abilities who makes a blood substitute serum that quenches Vampirella's thirst. He was chasing Dracula and originally wanted to kill Vampirella because he thought she was a vampire like Dracula.

Adam van Helsing

Conrad's son and the last of a long line of vampire hunters to follow in his father's footsteps and become an explorer of the paranormal. He is portrayed as more liberal than his father and believed that Vampirella was not evil. The two eventually fell in love. Vampirella often helped Adam with his research.

Pendragon / Mordecai (The Great)

A former warlock, now a show magician. In the Warren stories, Vampirella often traveled with him.

Madek and Magdalene

The evil siblings of Vampirella who had planted false memories of the planet Drakulon in their brains.


Vampirella's mother (see main part).


A demon who lured Vampirella with her true origins to gain access to earth.


Her real name is Sekhmet, she comes from ancient Egypt . The high priestess of the god Ra got the ability from the god to transform herself into a black panther . Whenever the land was plagued by drought and destruction, Sekhmet in panther form killed men, women and children alike. She pretended to do it in the name of Ra, but in truth it was out of a thirst for blood. When she killed her own son in this way, she was sentenced by Ra to live forever and never find peace or a home. Vampirella and Pantha often work together, but since Pantha still has trouble controlling each other, Vampirella sometimes has to fight her friend as well.


Warren Publishing


  • Vampirella # 1-112


  • Bloodstalk
  • On Alien Wings
  • Deadwalk
  • Blood Wedding
  • Death game
  • Snakegod

Harris Comics

Main series

  • Vampirella # 113
  • Vampirella: Morning in America
  • Vampirella's Summer Nights
  • Creepy 1993 Fearbook (contains the Vampirella story Bugs by Kurt Busiek and Arthur Adams )
  • Vampirella # 1-5
  • Vampirella Strikes # 1-7
  • Vampirella: Chains of Chaos # 1-3
  • Vengeance of Vampirella # 1-25
  • Vampirella Zero
  • Vampirella: Death and Destruction # 1-3
  • Vampirella: Sad Wings of Destiny
  • Vampirella Bloodlust # 1-2
  • Vampirella Lives # 1-3
  • Vampirella vs. Pantha
  • Vampirella vs. Inhibition # 1-3
  • Vampirella Monthly # 1-26, Special Edition # 0
  • Vampirella # 1-22
  • Vampirella Revelations # 0
  • Vampirella Revelations # 1, # 2 (January 2006 )
  • Vampirella Comics Magazine # 1-10
  • Vampirella Comics Magazine Special


  • Vampirella Manga 2999
  • Vampirella Manga 3000
  • Vampi # 1-25
  • Vampi digital
  • Vampi Switchblade Kiss / Dark Angel
  • Vampi Vicious # 1-3
  • Vampi Vicious Circle # 1-3
  • Vampi vs. Xin # 1-2

Reprints of Warren publications by Vampirella

  • Vampirella Classic # 1-5
  • Vampirella of Drakulon # 1-5, Special Edition 0
  • Vampirella Retro # 1-3
  • Vampirella: Silver Anniversary Collection # 1-4
  • Vampirella: Legendary Tales # 1-2

Crossovers and collaborations


  • Vampirella Flip Book
  • Vampirella pin-up special
  • Vampirella: 25th Anniversary Special
  • Vampirella / Dracula : The Centennial
  • Vampirella: Julie Strain Special
  • Vampirella Model Search Special
  • Vampirella Crossover Gallery


  • Vampirella: Hell on Earth Battlebook


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