Anti-drill protection

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Electronic anti-drill protection (green circuit board) on the outside door of a fire brigade key depot

A drill protection is a device for burglary protection of locking devices to fend overcoming by drilling.

A distinction is made between mechanical and electronic anti-drilling protection.

Mechanical anti-drilling protection

The mechanical anti-drilling protection should be achieved by using suitable materials, e.g. B. hard metals, make drilling more difficult. It depends on the material properties, but also on the shape. With a corresponding shape, it can be achieved that the drill bits get caught and block or even break off.

Electronic drill protection

The electronic anti-drilling protection is intended to prevent unnoticed drilling. In front of the tumblers , possibly around the entire object, an electrical conductor (wire, foil) through which a current flows is concealed in a meander shape. This closed- circuit current loop is connected to an intrusion alarm system .