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Pillar at the entrance to a fire alarm system. In the upper area, behind a rotatable cover, is the activation element , underneath is a fire department key depot 3.
Fire brigade key depot open
Identification of the FSK location

As a fire brigade key depot ( FSD ), formerly fire brigade key box ( FSK ), a key depot is referred to in Germany , which can also be part of a fire alarm system . In the event of a fire , it provides the fire brigade with rapid, non-violent and controlled access to buildings and sites at risk of fire.

A similar facility is the fire brigade key safe ( FSS ) common in Austria . Even if it fulfills the same task, it functions differently

Installation site

A fire brigade key depot is built into a free-standing column (key depot column ) or a wall box. It is placed in a tactically easily accessible, preferably weather-protected location (e.g. niches, passageways, under canopies), next to the object access provided for an emergency (e.g. fire department access ).


When triggered the object alarm by the fire alarm system and the alarm to use control center will be forwarded to the police or fire department, is only when the control station or the transmitting device has acknowledged receipt of the fire alarm, release the front door for access to the fire closure. Inside the FSD there is a second door (inner door), the keys of which are available to the fire brigade and police . The keys to the building doors are deposited behind the inner door of the FSD.

In the event that the fire brigade needs access to the building or site during an operation, although the fire alarm system has not triggered, there is an activation element (key switch) near the FSD that can be used to trigger the fire alarm system. As a result, the FSD opens up.

After a fire alarm, the FSD may only be included in the monitoring equipment and locked again when the keys have been properly deposited and the external door of the FSD is closed.

Unnoticed or uncontrolled access via the key safe by unauthorized persons is excluded, as any kind of manipulation immediately tamper - alarm triggers. The key deposit is electronically secured with a drill protection .

law and order

Strict guidelines apply to the establishment of a key depot (e.g. in Germany DIN 14675 with reference to guideline VdS 2105 for fire alarm systems of the respective district or the professional fire brigade), in Austria the ÖNORM F 3032. Often the specification and specification are made for a specific manufacturer of the fire brigade key depot in the valid technical connection conditions. The location of the FSD is also recorded in a property's fire protection plan.

Individual evidence

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