Guard locking

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As tumbler (ancient: locking mechanism ) is used in the art refers to a locking or latch mechanism.

At airports, electromagnets are used to hold the wing doors to the passenger boarding bridge . A guard locking does not necessarily have to be related to a bolt.

In notebooks, there is a magnetic guard locking device, which is used instead of the usual central lock or lid latch.

In the closed technique with guard locking the locking member in Chubb (also referred Zuhaltungschloss). The type, arrangement and number of tumblers is used as a distinguishing and security feature and determines which keys can open the lock. The tumblers lock the bolt or bolt shaft. Spikes on the tour pin and the tumblers are intended to prevent the tumbler locks from opening according to the Hobbian method. In the case of the lock cylinder , the locking devices are called pin tumblers.