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The residence permit was a form of residence permit according to the Aliens Act (AuslG) , which was valid until December 31, 2004 .

According to §§ 30 to 33 AuslG, it could be granted if a foreigner was to be allowed to stay for a limited period of time for reasons of international law or urgent humanitarian reasons or to protect the political interests of the Federal Republic of Germany.

For example, the residence permit was issued to holders of the so-called small asylum ; these were foreigners for whom the Federal Office for the Recognition of Foreign Refugees (now: Federal Office for Migration and Refugees ) had determined protection from deportation according to Section 51 AuslG (Section 70 AsylVfG old version). Holders of a residence permit (in contrast to holders of a residence permit ) could be granted an unlimited residence permit after eight years .

The residence permit for international law, humanitarian or political reasons (Sections 22 to 26 of the Residence Act), especially in accordance with Section 25 of the Residence Act, is comparable to today's residence permit.

Foreigners who have received the small asylum (today's name: refugee status according to Section 3 (4) AsylG and Section 60 (1) AufenthG) receive a temporary residence permit in accordance with Section 25 (2) AufenthG.

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