Australian Antarctic Names and Medals Committee

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The Australian Antarctic Names and Medals Committee (AANMC) was established to advise the Australian Government on the naming of geographic objects in the Australian Antarctic Territory and in the Heard Territory and McDonald Islands , a sub-Antarctic outskirts of Australia. The committee also nominates candidates for the Australian Antarctic Medal award .

Committee members are appointed by the minister responsible for Antarctic affairs or the secretary of parliament. The committee was established in October 1952 by the Australian Ministry of External Affirs as the Antarctic Names Committee of Australia . Chairman until 1981 was the Australian polar explorer Phillip Law . At the time of its founding, the committee included Law, the Australian polar explorer Douglas Mawson , Bruce Philip Lambert (1912-1990), Director of the National Mapping Council of Australia , Captain GD Tancred, hydrograph of the Royal Australian Navy , and the geographer AA Wilcock. In 1982 it was renamed to its current name to reflect the various functions for which it is responsible.

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