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The term autology ( ancient Greek αὐτός autós , German 'self' and logic ) has different meanings in the philosophy of language .

Autology used to refer to self-related speech (especially vain, excessive talk of a person about himself) or a self-description (for example in an autobiography ). Since the 17th century, autology can technically mean the study of the ego, the self or the human being ( anthropology ) - in contrast to the consideration of other objects. Since the 19th century, there has been a distinction between autology and heterology in the sense of literal versus figurative language.

In more recent literature, autology can also mean various variants of self-reference or self-referentiality .

  • Such a self-reference occurs z. B. in the Grelling-Nelson antinomy .
  • Also homologous linguistic expressions are car sayings. A homologous expression describes a property that it possesses, e.g. B. the word eighteen letters itself has 18 letters.