Gust front

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Gust front with gust roller

In meteorology , a gust front usually describes the area of ​​the wedge-like advance of a cold front into the upstream warm sector within a low pressure area . This very rapid process leads to strong turbulence and the occurrence of the eponymous wind gusts , including downbursts . Similar effects can also be seen in larger thunderstorm cells , insofar as strong downdrafts set in in the outer areas and lead to an accumulation of cold air in the area close to the ground. Starting from the thunderstorm cell, this then spreads, often combined with typical gust rolls like in the picture below right. The gust front refers to the front edge area of ​​the cold air. Under certain circumstances, smaller whirlwinds can develop, which are then referred to as gustnados . Behind the gust front there is usually intense front rain , but this may not happen if the distance to the thunderstorm cells and especially if the gust front does not spread in the direction of the thunderstorm.

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