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BOB ticket (front and back)

The BOB-Ticket is a system for cashless (BOB = conveniently without cash) payment of local transport tickets on account.


It was introduced in May 2005 by BSAG , BremerhavenBus and VWG . At the moment, BOB tickets can only be purchased from these transport companies; tickets with the BOB ticket can currently only be purchased from these companies' machines. Since March 2013, the ticket can also be used on the NordWestBahn . However, tickets purchased with the BOB ticket are valid for all VBN companies in the entire tariff area. The BOB ticket is based on a (daily) best price calculation, ie only the cheapest combination of tickets for a day's journeys is billed. A possibly cheaper 7-day, monthly or annual ticket cannot be purchased this way.


The BOB ticket is based on the cash card . Initially, an already existing, e.g. B. on the customer's debit card can be unlocked, but this is no longer practiced. Now a BOB money card issued by the public transport company (see illustration on the right) is always used. To check the ticket, the issuing companies have reading devices for the chip on the card, which can be used by the ticket inspectors. Since 2018, the BOB card can also be used contactless via NFC - the terminals are gradually being replaced.

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