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State Banquet (France, 1517)
Banquet during the state visit of the Belgian royal couple in Munich's Antiquarium in 1971. Photo: Federal Archives

A banquet is a celebratory meal in the form of a meal in a festive setting for a special occasion or in honor of a guest.

Banquet is borrowed from the Italian banchetto and designated solemn meals of the king at the assembled court . Banquet originally referred to a banquet, a "feast" or "Schlämmer". The Duden originally referred to banchetto as a side table or as a diminutive of banco for bank.

The dress code for official occasions such as state banquets is still formal today, i.e. tuxedo or suit and tie or bow tie for men and evening dresses for women. In special cases, the men even wear tailcoats . A sparkling wine or champagne reception and a menu with several courses and a fixed seating arrangement are common . The food in the banquet can also take place in the form of a buffet .

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