Baron Greenway

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Baron Greenway , of Stanbridge Earls in the County of Southampton , is a hereditary British title in the Peerage of the United Kingdom .

Award and subordinate titles

The title was created on January 18, 1927 for Sir Charles Greenway, 1st Baronet , one of the founders of the Anglo-Persian Oil Company .

He had been Baronet , of Stanbridge Earls in the County of Southampton since May 20, 1919 . This title, which belongs to the Baronetage of the United Kingdom, has been used as a subordinate title by the respective baron since 1927.

List of Barons Greenway (1927)

The alleged heir to the title ( Heir Presumptive ) is the younger brother of the current baron, the Hon. Nigel Paul Greenway (* 1944).

Individual evidence

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