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The wing clip is a metal clasp that is screwed to a wing of birds to prevent them from flying. Pedigree and ornamental poultry are made unable to fly with the wing clip to prevent them from flying over fences; Zoo animals cannot leave the zoo. An alternative to the wing clamp is to clip the flight springs .


The wing clip is attached to one side of a wing on seven hand wings. It is pushed over the flight springs to the spring shaft and screwed there. The bird can still flutter with the clamp and get to safety from enemies, but it can no longer fly long distances.


  • After removing the wing clip, the bird is immediately ready to fly again and not only after the next moult .
  • Poultry farmers who present their birds at exhibitions attach great importance to complete plumage .
  • Animals with wing clips can no longer care for their plumage completely by themselves.

Such brackets therefore seem to be justifiable only for show animals that need complete plumage or for animals that only move for a short time, e.g. B. during veterinary treatment, should be prevented from flying away.


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