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Pedigree poultry is poultry that is bred according to a set breed standard and selected according to man-made beauty or performance characteristics. It includes chickens (including bantams ), pigeons , geese , ducks , turkeys and guinea fowl . Occasionally geese, ducks, turkeys and guinea fowl are also grouped together as large and water fowl .

Pedigree poultry breeders are usually organized in breeding associations that are dedicated to the preservation of the various poultry and pigeon breeds. The German umbrella organization is the Bund Deutscher Rassegeflügelzüchter (BDRG), which is a member of the European Association for Poultry, Pigeon, Bird, Rabbit and Cavia Breeding (EE).

In ornamental poultry breeding, the main focus is on maintaining the animal's natural appearance. In contrast to pedigree poultry , a distinction is made between species and not breeds . Mutation sformen various kinds of ornamental poultry, as the White Lachtaube , we may also bred; Peacock or quail are sometimes counted among the pets . However, ornamental poultry are not pedigree poultry.

History of pedigree chicken breeding

The names of those who first created breed characteristics through selection and later in Europe from the mixture of country fowl breeds are unknown. The Asil and Malay races are assumed to be the oldest, and they were found at Indian royal courts 3500 years ago. From 500 BC Greek and later Roman writers ( Columella , Pliny ) report on different breeds of chicken. Chicken bones are documented from the burial grounds of Hemmoor ( district of Cuxhaven ) from the early imperial period. We find crested hens in the 17th century . There are pictures from the 18th century depicting feather-footed dwarf breeds . In the middle of the 19th century, Italian country chickens came to America from which the American Leghorns were bred. Cochin and Brahmas are brought to England and Sumatra to America. In 1850 the English gave their name to the hamburger chickens at the 1st Breed Poultry Show in Birmingham .

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