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A building permit , mainly referred to as a building permit in Germany , is required in Austria and Switzerland in order to be allowed to start construction. It is issued by the building police or municipality after the building negotiation. If construction actually begins, this must also be communicated to the building authorities. This can measure the basic dimensions again. This is particularly necessary if the building - limited by the building class - may only reach a certain height.

Once the construction is completed, the building authorities are informed, which can then issue a usage permit ( collaudation ).

Whether an inspection takes place on site and whether neighbors or neighbors are invited to the negotiation depends on the respective building regulations, which may differ in the individual federal states. The municipalities can also restrict the building regulations somewhat and are the building authorities of the first instance.

For smaller construction projects, only a notification to the building authority, a so-called building notice, is often necessary, which does not entail any further negotiations.


Since the public building law in Austria lies within the competence of the individual countries , there are nine different building codes . However, there are three different procedures for the whole of Austria:

The type and scope of the project determine the form of approval or the approval process as well as the documents required and the costs incurred.


The public building in Switzerland, including the procedural rules contained in the cantonal building regulations and building codes. These regulate the prerequisites for construction, the classification and design of the buildings as well as the requirements for construction, operation and maintenance.

The building permit is used to determine whether a building project complies with the relevant building law regulations and, according to its legal nature, is a determining administrative act .

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