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In Austria there are, because the construction of the country's legislation is subject to nine different building regulations of the country .


The building regulations originate from the time of the Habsburg monarchy and are therefore specific to the individual countries. According to Article 15 (1)  B-VG , the matter remained a matter for the federal states.

In addition to the special regulations for the construction of a building itself, the matter also includes public building law to safeguard public interests: Depending on the country, the legal matter is usually divided into general building regulations and a special technical building law , as well as important regional planning regulations , implementing regulations , ancillary laws and Regulations for special systems (e.g. fire protection, firing, installation, elevators) and the like.

In 2008, the building regulations with regard to the technical regulations were harmonized in most of the federal states. The basis is the OIB guidelines  1 to 6 drawn up by the Austrian Institute for Structural Engineering . OIB guideline 6 also contains the Austria-wide binding energy certificate for buildings .

List of the most important building laws and regulations

  • Title is the usual short title , not the full long title; sorted without a state name
  • The current version refers to the new promulgation (original version) , not to amendments , which naturally occur very often in building law. The information is only given if the year is part of the legal title (e.g. BauVO 2008 ), but the sorting includes all laws.
country title abbreviation current version Master version LGBl. No. annotation
Burgenland Burgenland building law Bgld. BauG 1997 010/1998
Burgenland building regulations Bgld. BauVO 2008 063/2008
Burgenland Spatial Planning Act Bgld. RPG 2019 049/2019
Carinthia Carinthian building regulations K-BO 1996 062/1996
Carinthian Municipal Planning Act K-GplG 1995 023/1995
Lower Austria Lower Austrian building regulations Lower Austria BO 2014 001/2015 in force since February 1, 2015; before that Lower Austria BO 1996
Lower Austrian Regional Planning Act Lower Austria ROG 2014 003/2015 in force since February 1, 2015
Upper Austria Upper Austrian building regulations Oö. BauO 1994 066/1994
Upper Austrian Construction Technology Act Oö. BauTG 2013 035/2013 Oö. Construction Technology Ordinance - Upper Austria. BauTV 2013, LGBl. No. 36/2013
Upper Austrian Regional Planning Act Oö. ROG 1994 114/1993
Salzburg Building Police Act BauPolG 1997 040/1997
Building Technology Act BauTG 2015 001/2016 before BauTG, LGBl 75/1976; Building Technology Ordinance LGBl 55/2016
Zebauungsgrundlagengesetz BGG 069/1968
Salzburg Site Protection Act OSchG 1999 074/1999
Salzburg Regional Planning Act ROG 2009 030/2009
Styria Styrian building law Styria BauG 059/1995
Styrian regional planning law StROG 2010 049/2010
Tyrol Tyrolean building regulations TBO 2011 057/2011 Republication of the Tyrolean building regulations 2001
Tyrolean regional planning law TROUGH 2016 101/2016 Republication of the Tyrolean Regional Planning Act 2011; applicable since October 1, 2016
Vorarlberg Building Act BauG 052/2001
Spatial Planning Act - 039/1996
Vienna Building regulations for Vienna BO for Vienna 011/1930 Vienna City Development, Urban Planning and Building Code; Ancillary laws and ordinances to building regulations
Status: 11/2019; Source and selection: ,, WKO , u. a.


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