Bencallen Hill

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Discovered in 1975, the Bargrennan Tomb on Bencallen Hill (also called The Druid's Grave or Shiel Bridge) is 200 m north of Shiel Bridge, in the woods east of Barr in South Ayrshire in Scotland .


The facility of the rare Bargrennan type, integrated into the wall of a sheep pen, is located within the forest plantation on Bencallen, about 70 m northeast of the public road. The round cairn has been largely eroded, but it was probably around 15 m in diameter. The surviving part of the chamber accessible from the north still has its (three) capstones. Two pairs of upright slabs and the end stone are the supporting stones that have been preserved.


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Coordinates: 55 ° 12 ′ 56.5 "  N , 4 ° 36 ′ 51.3"  W.