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The Berliner Kammerbrettl was a cabaret that was founded by Hans Joachim Heinrichs in the Café Wiesner at the Ostkreuz S-Bahn station in Berlin after the Second World War . It paid particular attention to the original Berlin humor as well as the critical, time-related parody and satire.

Initially, Heinrichs only appeared in short programs with parodist and sketch partner Otto John (parodist) . The well-known humorist Fredy Sieg then shone alongside Lotte Partyka and Ilse Maybrid in his first cabaret revue "Is there still love?" (1947). Heinrichs not only presented young talent in his studio programs, but also endeavored to promote a contemporary repertoire. Well-known artists such as Gerhard Froboess , Trude Lehmann , Hans Lugerti , Ursula Müller, Willi Rose and Hans Rose, Ursula Friese , Lotte Werkmeister , Gerhard Wollner , Günther Hintze and, as a young talent, Eberhard Cohrs played in his programs. The Berliner Kammerbrettl disbanded in 1949 after the small-scale "Nante back in Berlin" with Lotte Partyka, Anni Neumann and Fredy Schütz as Nante.


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