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As bestial (from the Latin. Bestia : animal, beast) is called human behavior that the ethical standards extremely contrary, often in contrast to the term " human ".

Concept formation and image of man

This concept formation is associated with an image of man that a judgmental contrast between the good capable people and the rest of the amoral nature builds.

The use of these common terms is partially rejected by various sides. On the one hand, assuming that the term serves to dehumanize other people (for example in the debate on the death penalty ), on the other hand, of people who do not want to make people the focus of their worldview or even maintain a reversed human-animal dualism, and Regard animals as morally superior to humans.

Further delimitations

  1. A form of cruelty taken to extremes on a physical level. Example: bestial murder
  2. In the sense of the WHO, unrestrained, raw expression of the sex drive .
  3. Erroneous: Explicitly sexual acts involving an animal (see sodomy ). Origin probably from the literal translation of the English word bestiality for "sex with animals".

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