Movement for a better world

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The Movement for a Better World (Movimento per un mondo migliore) is a spiritual community founded in 1952 by Fr Riccardo Lombardi SJ .

P. Lombardi, closely connected with Pope Pius XII. , presented concrete plans for the renewal of the church, which, however , met with massive resistance in the curia .

The center of the "Movement for a Better World" has been located in Rocca di Papa on Lake Albano opposite Castel Gandolfo since 1956 . Faith courses ("Esercitazioni") are held there. The emphasis is on the fact that every Christian grows into the threefold - priestly, prophetic and royal - office of Christ. In this way, especially those involved in the parish should get to know better the image of the church of the 2nd Vaticanum .

The Movement for a Better World has neither registered members nor special statutes. The goal is parish renewal.

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