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Bimaru puzzle
... and its solution

Bimaru (also partially listed as Solitaire Battleships or Battleship Solitaire ) is a logic puzzle that is based on the game Sink Ships , but is played alone.

The aim of the puzzle is to find the ships hidden in a playing field. Technically speaking, Bimaru is a simple form of nonograms . The game now also exists as an online version and is printed daily in various newspapers.

The rules

  • The number at the end of each line or column shows how many fields are covered by ships resp. Ship elements are occupied.
  • Ships may not touch each other, neither horizontally, vertically, nor diagonally. This means that every ship must be completely surrounded by water (or edge).
  • Ships may touch the edge, both lengthways and frontal.


Bimaru was invented in Argentina in 1982 under the name Batalla Naval and was first printed in the Argentine magazine "Humor & Juegos" in the same year. After a break of five years, the game appeared in the magazine “Juegos Para Gente De Mente”, the follow-up to “Humor & Juegos”. The editors have since published Bimarus monthly in the magazine "Enigmas Lógicos". The game made its international breakthrough under the name "Battleship" in 1992 at the first World Puzzle Championships in New York . Since then, different variants have been developed, such as hexagonal, diagonal and three-dimensional versions. The name Bimaru first appeared in 2006 with the publication of “Taschen-Bimaru” by the Swiss puzzle agency.


The name Bimaru is an officially registered trademark of the Swiss puzzle agency. The word creation of the Zurich graphic artist Stefan Haller was supposed to be based on the world-famous Sudoku and arouse associations with shipping with the letter sequence “mar” without tipping over into warlike terms with the keyword “sinking ships”. In other countries the game is also known as Battleship Solitaire, Solitaire Naval Puzzle, Solitaire Battleships, Yubotu or Batoru .

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