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Binder stands for:

  • Binde, a district of the town of Arendsee (Altmark) in the Altmarkkreis Salzwedel in Saxony-Anhalt, see Binde (Arendsee)
  • some kind of tape as a dressing material, see dressing material
  • Sanitary napkin , a collection means for menstrual fluid
  • Sealing bandages , fire fighting equipment
  • Armband , a ribbon that is worn on the arm
  • Tie (obsolete)
  • Binding (unit) , a unit of measure in the fish trade

Binde is the family name of the following people:

  • Fritz Binde (1867–1921), German preacher and evangelist
  • Ruth Binde (* 1932), Swiss press agent and autograph collector

Bindé stands for:

  • Bindé , a department and a commune encompassing the same territory in Burkina Faso

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