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Looking duel , or even laugh forbidden called one is game , which comes to participants through eye contact , fax or noise to laugh to bring. This game is mainly played in groups (parties, children's birthday parties, etc.).

Course of the game

All participants sit in a circle with serious faces. A player who is voluntary or determined by lot tries to make the others laugh through facial expressions or funny gestures and words and noises. Whoever has to laugh first of the other players has lost and is now your turn.

Rules of the game

  • With all variants you can set a predetermined time limit so that the individual player does not have to struggle too much and lose interest.
  • You also have to agree whether you can look away for a moment or not.


There are several variations of this type of game. After prior agreement by the group, you can decide to:

  • Just look: You can only keep a normal facial expression here. Whoever laughs first loses.
  • With talking: Funny things can be said here to make the opponent laugh. Here, too, you have to look yourself in the eye.
  • With grimaces : Here you can make grimaces to make the other person laugh.
  • Combined: Here you can talk and grimaces.

These variants of the game can also be played in a duel, i.e. always one against one.

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