Bochum-Castroper tram

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The Bochum-Castroper tram was a tram company that existed from 1906 to 1912.

On December 6, 1906, the Bochum-Castroper tram was founded as Kleinbahn Bochum-Gerthe-Harpen . On behalf of Siemens-Schuckertwerke , she began building a tram line between Bochum and Gerthe and a branch line to Kirchharpen . These two routes were opened together on December 23, 1903. In April 1909, the municipality of Castrop joined the company, so that the company was renamed Bochum-Castoper Tram . After joining, the route from Gerthe to Castrop was extended. Two more route extensions followed: One on November 6, 1910 within the city of Bochum from Kanalstrasse to Südbahnhof , the later central station , and one on January 20, 1912 from Kirchharpen to Lütgendortmund .

When the Märkische tram became insolvent in early 1912 , it became the property of the Bochum-Castroper tram, and the communities involved in it were taken over as co-partners. On May 15, 1912, the Bochum-Castroper tram finally merged with the Westphalian tram .


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