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The division of living beings into systematics is a continuous subject of research. Different systematic classifications exist side by side and one after the other. The taxon treated here has become obsolete due to new research or is not part of the group systematics presented in the German-language Wikipedia.

The subfamily Bombinae in the family Apidae of the superfamily of Bees was introduced to the species of bumblebees ( Bombus ) and the psithyrus ( Psithyrus summarize). This group formed with the honey bees and two other subfamilies the Apidae family, under which all basket collectors were combined.

Since the current system tends not to split the cuckoo bumblebees as a separate genus (Michener 2000), the listing of this taxon is obsolete. In addition, the Apidae are now much broader, so that the taxon Bombinae is at best preserved as a monotypic tribe Bombini (with the only genus Bombus ).


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