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Book of Common Prayer, 1979 edition

The Book of Common Prayer (Book of Common Prayer) is the liturgy of the Anglican Church . It contains regulations for morning and evening prayers (Morning Prayer, Evening Prayer) , baptism , Last Supper (Holy Communion , also Holy Eucharist or Mass) , confirmation and marriage as well as texts on church service to women, for visiting the sick, burial and ordination . In accordance with these prescribed texts, services were also set to music; however, the settings are not printed in the Book of Common Prayer, but in their own hymn books .

It appeared in its first edition in 1549 - the main responsibility was Thomas Cranmer , Archbishop of Canterbury - and was published in the same year by Edward VI. introduced nationwide. It was influenced by the " Kreuzbrevier " published in 1535 by the Roman Church . Editions, some of which were considerably revised, appeared in 1552, 1559, 1599 (by William Morgan ), 1604 and 1662. The book was set as binding several times in the uniformity files . It was not until 1980 that the Alternative Service Book was authorized for use alongside the 1662 edition in the Church of England . With the independence of the Episcopal Church in the USA , it received its own book, without mentioning the King of England. After this version of 1790, revisions appeared in 1890 and 1928. The current edition in the USA, from 1979, is (like the English Alternative Service Book ) a product of the worldwide liturgical reform movement , which is striving for a more contemporary language, but also the primary ecclesiastical eucharistic element and a more joyful, less humble attitude come to the fore. In 2000, the Church of England's Alternative Service Book was replaced by the Common Worship book .

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