Brilliant (font size)

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Non Plus Ultra (2 point)

Microscopique (2.5 points)

Brilliant (3 point)

Diamond (4 point)

Pearl (5 point)

Nonpareille (6 points)

Insertio (6.5 points)

Colonel (7 point)

Petit (8 point)

Borgis (9 point)

Body (10 point)

Rhinelander (11 points)

Cicero (12 point)

Medium (14 points)

Tertia (16 point)

Paragon (18 points)

Text (20 points)

Canon (36 points)

Concordance (48 points)

Sabon (60 points)

The brilliant or quarter cicero is a font size . It is the third smallest ever in the hot type cast font size and has a cone height of three Didot points , equivalent to 1.128 mm.

The names brilliant for a three-point cone and diamond for a four-point cone indicate the high value and craftsmanship of this fine work. A brilliant font was first cut in America. In order to be able to use these small typefaces economically by hand, they were often poured onto six-point cones .

In many European countries, font sizes have different names or the same names denote different cone heights. Fonts of this size are called Diamant in France , Microscoop in Holland , Excelsior in England , Diamante in Spain and Italy .

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