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Brunni is the name of the following places:

  • Brunni SZ , a district of the municipality of Alpthal in the canton of Schwyz, Switzerland
  • Brunni (Engelberg) , an alp and excursion area above Engelberg, Canton Obwalden, Switzerland
  • Brunnital , an alp and a valley above the village of Unterschächen, Canton Uri, Switzerland
  • Brunnigletscher or Brunnifirn, a glacier at the end of the Brunnital, a side valley of the Maderanertal in the canton of Uri, Switzerland

Brunni or Brúnni is a family name for the following people:

  • Signar á Brúnni (* 1945), Faroese politician of the Tjóðveldi Republican Party and former Prime Minister of the Faroe Islands