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The term book trailer comes from the American terms book trailer or book video. The name is borrowed from cinema trailers. Book trailers are short advertising films for books commissioned by publishers or writers , similar to trailers for cinema and television productions.


Your job is to announce new releases. They serve to inform the readers and should encourage them to buy the advertised book by conveying the most important information emotionally and authentically in the shortest possible time. While around ten book trailers were produced in German-speaking countries in 2005, this number was already more than 500 videos in 2010. So far, no book trailer aesthetic of its own has established itself. There are many companies on the Internet that deal professionally with the creation of book trailers.

The creative spectrum ranges from filmed book covers, recorded author readings, animated text and images to book trailers that work with real actors.

Since 2018 there has been the German Book Trailer Award, which distinguishes book trailers of particular quality and demand in their technical, content and design implementation.

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