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CRT or Crt stands for:

  • Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy , English for cardiac resynchronization therapy in medicine, see pacemaker
  • Cathode Ray Tube , English for cathode ray tube in electrical engineering, used in cathode ray tube screens , used in connection with EDP for all tube monitors as opposed to flat screens
  • Certificate , general English for certificate
  • Chinese Remainder Theorem , English for Chinese remainder of the sentence in mathematics
  • Claims Resolution Tribunal , an international arbitration tribunal in proceedings for Jewish assets at Swiss banks
  • Computer regulation thermography , a diagnostic method that measures temperatures on the skin
  • Consejo Regulador del Tequila , supervisory authority that monitors compliance with legal standards and regulations for the production and marketing of tequila
  • Continuous Regeneration Trap , a variant of a diesel soot particle filter in environmental technology
  • Crater , Latin for the constellation cup in the nomenclature of the fixed stars
  • Crossett , an airport in Arkansas under the IATA airport code
  • C Runtime , a runtime library in programming
  • Change Request Tool , a process or program used in the computer industry for processing and documenting changes to computer programs, for example in the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) environment

crt stands for: