Carl Roth (company)

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Carl Roth

legal form GmbH & Co. KG
founding 1879
Seat Karlsruhe
Number of employees 260
sales 80 million euros
Branch Wholesale
Status: 2019

The Carl Roth GmbH + Co. KG is a chemical and wholesale company based in Karlsruhe . The company supplies companies, laboratories and scientific institutions with laboratory supplies, selected products for life science and chemicals. In 2019, the company employed 260 people, and the range includes more than 30,000 items.


The origins of the company go back to 1879, when the chemist and businessman Carl Roth founded a materials, colonial, dye goods and drugstore in Karlsruhe . In 1891 the Carl Roth drugstore was given the title and privilege of purveyor to the court of the Grand Ducal Baden .

In 1928 the drugstore was expanded to include a laboratory chemicals department, and in 1945 an efficient manufacturing and filling department was added. In 1965 the chemicals department moved to the newly built facility in Schoemperlenstrasse. In December 1969, Carl Roth gave up the drugstore and ended a 90-year tradition.

The Carl Roth wholesale business was continued in Schoemperlenstrasse. In 1993 a new high-bay warehouse for the laboratory supplies range was built there, and in 1996 a new dispatch warehouse was built. After the extension of a modern office building in 2001, the space required by the growing company exceeded the existing premises. In 2003 the company acquired premises in the Karlsruhe-Rheinhafen industrial area and built a second plant. Since 2005, the production, storage and dispatch of laboratory chemicals have been located in the facility on the Rheinhafen area . In June 2013, the chemicals warehouse in the Rheinhafen was enlarged by around 50% to 8,000 square meters.

Carl Roth Prize

The Carl Roth Prize, endowed with € 5000 (for resource-saving synthesis routes or innovative chemical applications ) , was first awarded at the spring symposium of the Young Chemists Forum (JCF) of the Society of German Chemists (GDCh) in March 2014 in Jena.


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