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Chase Manhattan Bank

legal form
founding 1955
resolution 2000
Reason for dissolution fusion
Branch Finance

The Chase Manhattan Bank was an American , the bank in the merger of Chase National Bank and Bank of the Manhattan Company was established in 1955th


The Bank of the Manhattan Company was founded by Aaron Burr in 1799 . The name of the Chase National Bank comes from Salmon P. Chase , who however had no connection to it. In the 1930s the bank had been merged with John D. Rockefeller II's Equitable Trust Bank .

In the 1950s , the Chase National Bank was heavily influenced by the Rockefeller family, which resulted from the merger in the 1930s. The bank was led by John J. McCloy . Although Chase National Bank was the larger of the two banks, the merger was organized as a takeover of Chase National Bank by the Bank of Manhattan Company to accommodate shareholders. In 1961 the Chase Octagon was introduced as a new logo, which was developed by Chermayeff & Geismar and is still used today. At that time, the use of abstract company logos was even less common.

Under David Rockefeller , the bank became part of a holding, the Chase Manhattan Corporation . In the mid-1970s, Chase Manhattan Bank was the third largest financial institution in the world, with total assets of around DM 100 billion. In 1996, the Chase Manhattan Bank was taken over by the Chemical Bank . The new company took on the name of the acquired Chase due to its greater popularity abroad. Four years later, in 2000, the last acquisition in the history of Chase Manhattan Bank was made with the acquisition of the financial company Robert Fleming & Co. In the same year, the Chase Manhattan Corporation and JP Morgan & Co. Incorporated merged to form JP Morgan Chase & Co. (also JPMorgan Chase ).

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