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Chhaya ( Sanskrit छाया chāyā f. [ ˈʧʰɑːjɑː ] "shadow") is the second wife of the sun god Surya in Hinduism . In the Vedic versions her name is Savarna (Sanskrit सवर्णा savarṇā ) and that of the sun god Vivasvat .


Sanjna , the wife of the sun god, created because she could no longer bear his blazing glow, an image, Chhaya, who then took her place as his wife. As a result, she became the mother of Shani , Manu Savarni and the river goddess Tapati . Yama , the son of Sanjnya and Vivasvat, upset that she preferred her own children, lifted her foot to kick her. Then she cursed him that his foot should be eaten by ulcers and maggots. This made it clear that she wasn't Yama's mother and Vivasvat went in search of Sanjna, his real wife.

The Puranas make Chhaya the sister of Sanjna.


Individual evidence

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