Clovis III

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Clovis III (* around 677 ; † end of 694 ) from the Merovingian family (in France also under the name Clovis IV , since Clovis of Austrasia is counted there as the third) was the son of Theuderic III. and the Chrodechild and Frankenkönig from 691 to 694.

Clovis was still under the age of majority when he took over; his mother Chrodechilde took over the guardianship . In earlier times this was common with rulers who were still underage, but at this later point in time it was rather unusual, as otherwise the respective caretakers took over the guardianship. However, some surviving notarizations with the seals of the king and his mother confirm this regulation. Chrodechilde's reign ended with her death on June 5, 692. The real ruler, however, was, as with the other shadow kings of the late Merovingian dynasty, the houseman Pippin the Middle . Political decisions of the young king are not known from his short reign. He was buried in Saint-Denis . Childebert III followed as king .


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Theuderic III. King of the Franks and Burgundians
690 / 691–694
Childebert III.