Theuderic III.

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Theuderic III. (* probably 653 ; † between September 2, 690 and April 12, 691) was 673 and 675 to 691 King of Neustria and Burgundy and from 679 also King of Austrasia . Through this further appointment he was king of all Franks . He comes from the Merovingian family .


Theuderich was the second son of Clovis II from his second marriage to Bathilde and the brother of his predecessor in Neustria and Burgundy , Chlothar III.

Theuderich was proclaimed king in 673 by his caretaker Ebroin , was defeated by his brother Childerich II from Austrasia , was sheared and exiled to the Abbey of Saint-Denis . After Childerich's death in 675 he was reinstated, but the rulership was held by the Hausmeier. After the death of Dagobert II of Austrasia and Ebroins, the whole Franconian Empire was reunited under a single ruler under Theuderic for the first time in a long time . In the battle of Tertry , the Australian caretaker Pippin was victorious, making him a caretaker of all parts of the empire and, as princeps francorum, he became the most powerful man. He took Theuderic into a kind of hostage, but retained the Merovingian kingship for the sake of form. Theuderich lived meaninglessly in Neustria until the end of his life. He was buried in Arras in the Saint-Vaast church. He was succeeded as king by his eldest son, Clovis III.

Marriages and offspring


predecessor Office successor
Chlothar III. King of Neustria,
King of Burgundy
Childeric II.
Childeric II. King of Neustria,
King of Burgundy
Clovis III
Dagobert II. King of Austrasia
Clovis III