Chlothar III.

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Chlothar III. (* around 652 ; † 673 after March 10) was a Frankish king from the Merovingian family .

When his father Clovis II died in 657, he succeeded as the eldest of three sons to the throne of the kingdom in Neustria and Burgundy . Since he was only five years old at the time, his mother Bathilde ruled the empire and received support from the caretaker Ebroin from the start . In 664, Bathilde formally ceded power to her son. The real power, as usual in this late Merovingian period, was held by the caretaker Ebroin.

Under Chlothar III. the entire empire was reunited in the years 661 to 662 after the episode of Childebertus adoptivus . At the urging of the Austrasian nobility, however, his younger brother Childerich II was installed as king in Austrasia as early as 662 . His reign marked the final turn to the completely incapacitated kingship, since from this point onwards the housekeepers more and more often exercised real power.


predecessor Office successor
Clovis II King of Neustria,
King of Burgundy
Theuderic III.