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Ebroin (also Hebroin ; † 681 ) was a Franconian house man in Neustria . He wanted to extend the power of Neustria to Burgundy and Austrasia .


When Ebroins took office in 656, Sigibert III was. , the Austrasian king, whose caretaker Grimoald had procured the throne for his son Childebert , has just died . Thereupon the neustrian greats called on their king Clovis II to reunite the Frankish empire. In the name of Clovis, Grimoald was caught in an ambush, brought to Paris and there executed in dungeon in 656 or 657.

Ebroin remained under Chlothar III. who succeeded his father Clovis II in Neustria and Burgundy, Hausmeier. He did not succeed in driving Grimoald's son from Austrasia. After his death in 662 he was forced to grant the Austrasians with Clovis's younger son Childerich II again their own king, for whom the caretaker Wulfoald ran the business of government.

Ebroin tried to at least maintain the connection between Burgundy and Neustria, but the great Burgundian nobles wanted to maintain their independence and rose under Leodegar , the bishop of Autun ; they conquered Ebroin and interned him in the monastery of Luxeuil (670). They published a proclamation that each kingdom should maintain its own laws and customs, that there should be no officials in multiple realms, and that no one should establish a tyranny like that of the Ebroin. Soon afterwards, however, Leodegar was defeated by the Austrasians under Wulfoald and banished to the Luxeuil monastery himself (673).

In the same year, both exiles took advantage of general anarchy, fled the monastery and faced each other again. Both sought support from Merovingian kings, Ebroin even proclaimed a "false" Merovingian Clovis (III) as ruler. Leodegar was defeated at Autun, forced to surrender and blinded . Finally, on October 2, 679, he was killed after severe torture. The church later canonized him .

After the death of his longtime opponent, Ebroin became the sole ruler of the Franks by spreading his power over Burgundy and defeating the Austrasians in 678 at Bois-du-Fay near Laon . His triumph was short-lived, however, he was murdered in 681, victim of an attack by countless enemies. The nobleman Ermenfrid is considered his murderer.

His successor as Hausmeier in Neustria was Waratto by election of the nobility , in Australia it was from 679 as the successor to Wulfoald Pippin the Middle , who in turn in 687 in the battle of Tertry the Neustrians under the Franconian King Theuderich III. and beat the new caretaker Berchar decisively and united both parts. This was the key to the rise of the Pippinids or later Carolingians .

Ebroin had a son named Bobo, about whom nothing is known. Another descendant could be Count Ebroin, who made donations in 721/22 in Cattle (Australia).




Afterlife in literature

Felix Dahn wrote a historical novel about Ebroin in 1897.

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