Chur Cologne Choir Bonn

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Chur Cologne Choir Bonn
Logo of the Chur Cölnischen Choir Bonn
Seat: Bonn / Germany
Founding: 1968
Genus: Chamber choir
Founder: Heribert Beissel
Head : Heribert Beissel
Voices : 25 ( SATB )
Website :

The Chur Cölnish Choir Bonn is a chamber choir from Bonn .


In 1968 the conductor Heribert Beissel had the idea of ​​starting a chamber choir in order to complement his Chur Cölnisches Orchester (now the Classical Philharmonic Bonn), which he founded in 1959, with the Chur Cölnische Chor Bonn as a vocal group.

The name takes on the traditional spelling of the former Electorate of Cologne, which comprised the Rhineland and parts of Westphalia from the Middle Ages to 1803 and of which Bonn was the residential and state capital .

Beissel's aim was to present the concert audience with the wide range of music for choir and orchestra - with particular emphasis on the oratorio - whereby the choir's repertoire should also include a cappella music from all epochs.

The choir gives three concerts with orchestra in Bonn every year and in two or three other concerts it presents a cappella music. There are also concerts in other German cities.


Since the existence of the Chur Cölnisches Chore Bonn, he has had a permanent partnership with the Classical Philharmonic Bonn (formerly: Chur Cölnisches Orchester Bonn). Both orchestras make regular guest appearances at home and abroad. In addition, the choir frequently worked with the Philharmonic State Orchestra Halle (today: Staatskapelle Halle ) and the Brandenburg State Orchestra Frankfurt .

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