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Basic data

Current  version 4.0
(April 17, 2015)
operating system various Unix derivatives ( macOS , Linux , ...) Windows
programming language C ++
category Program library
License LGPL , ClanLib License , currently: Zlib License

ClanLib is a program library implemented in C ++ , which is mainly used to create game software under Windows , macOS and Linux , and was initiated by Magnus Norddahl.

ClanLib is divided into different modules, some of which can be used independently of each other. Among other things, libraries are available for programming:

ClanLib is based on the principles of object-oriented programming and uses a template-based signal slot mechanism.


ClanLib was published up to and including version 0.7.8 under the LGPL . From version 0.8.0, ClanLib is under the ClanLib License , which has strong parallels to the BSD license . The current version is under the Zlib license .

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