Clown step

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Clownstep is a term for certain pieces of music in the electronic music genre drum and bass and dubstep , especially from the sub-genre Jump Up . Typical characteristics of Clownstep are a catchy wobble bassline ("Humpa Humpa Humpa Humpa"), catchy-simple melodies and a very simple drum structure.

The term comes from the drum and bass producers Dylan and Keaton. Keaton first used the term in 2001 to describe the single Body Rock by producers Andy C & Shimon . The swing beat used in Body Rock can make clowns dance, Keaton said. The term became popular when Dylan used it on the online drum and bass forum Dogs on Acid . Forum moderators censored the word so that only ******** appeared in posts. A “clown steppa smiley ” was introduced and is now used in many drum and bass forums around the world.