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The Society of Cogers is a debating society, the 1755 in the day to London belonging to the City of London in the United Kingdom was founded. This makes it the oldest debating club and the oldest discussion forum in the world.


The name "Cogers" is derived from Descartes ' famous statement Cogito ergo sum ("I think therefore I am."). The club sees itself as a “thinkers club” and therefore allows everyone to freely express their thoughts.

The first meeting was held in 1755 at what was then the White Bear Inn , now St Brides Tavern . At that time, pubs and cafes in particular often functioned as discussion forums. After relocating in the meantime, the main premises were in the Barley Mow Inn from 1871 to the 1960s , before it was closed. Participation decreased slightly from the 1970s, and the meetings were now held informally in various pubs.

In the 1990s the club split into two factions. A third weekly meeting, launched in 1997, continues to this day at the Old Bank of England on London's Strand , while the original meetings have been disbanded. With this step, the club has restructured and opened up to new target groups.

In the 2000s, the Cogers Foundation (English Cogers Trust ) was established, and discussion forums were also set up in other places inside and outside London.


  • City of London Cogers , Old Bank of England , Fleet Street , London
  • Westminster Cogers , The Plumber Arms , Lower Belgrave Street, London
  • Ware Society of Cogers , The Drill Hall , Armwell End, Ware
  • San Francisco Society of Cogers , The University Club , Nob Hill , San Francisco

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