Conan and his brave friends

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Television series
German title Conan and his brave friends
Original title Conan And The Young Warriors
Country of production United States
original language English
year 1993
length 23 minutes
Episodes 13 in 1 season
genre Fantasy
production John Grusd
First broadcast 1993 on CBS
first broadcast
June 5, 1999 on SAT 1

Conan and his brave friends (Original title: Conan and the young warriors ) is an American animated fantasy - animated series by Michael Reaves , on that of Robert E. Howard -created character Conan is based. The series consists of a season with 13 episodes of 23 minutes each.

In Germany, SAT 1 showed the series from June 5, 1999.


Conan is chosen by the wise magician Epimetrius to train three young warriors who will later rule the land of Hyboria. Each of the young people has an amulet made of magical star stone, which gives them special powers. Navah the power of animal magic, Brynne the art of delusion and Draegan invincibility through a golden armor. The sorceress Sulinara wants to steal the star stones from the young warriors in order to rule Hyboria herself.

Template and implementation

The plot only shows parallels to the novels or comics in a few places. There are some references to the series Conan, the Adventurer (1992) , for example Conan's sword made of star metal or the phoenix.


The dialogue books were written by Stefan Kolo.

role American spokesman German speaker
Conan Philip Maurice Hayes Fritz von Hardenberg
Brynne Kelly Sheridan Michele Sterr
Draegan Mark Hildreth Niko Macoulis
Sulinara Kathleen Barr Maria Boehme


No. German title Original title First broadcast in the USA German language first broadcast (D) script
1 The three star stones The Third Talisman - June 5, 1999 Michael Reaves
2 The city of the tyrant arena - June 12, 1999 Steve Perry
3 The world of dreams Dreamweaver - June 19, 1999 Brynne Stephens
4th The scales of the giant lizard Carnival Of Cardolus - June 26, 1999 Brynne Stephens
5 The island of demons Isle Of The Lost - May 16, 2001 David Wise
6th The eye of argon The Covenant - May 17, 2001 Len wine
7th The quick-change artist Wolf In The Fold - May 18, 2001 Steve Perry
8th Friends in need Once a thief - May 21, 2001 Bryce Malek, David Wise
9 The golden horn Brothers Of The Sword - May 22, 2001 Michael Reaves
10 The mouth hero Feet Of Fate - May 23, 2001 Bryce Malek
11 The hand of fate Hand of Fate - May 24, 2001 Brynne Stephens
12 The wrong leader The separation - May 25, 2001 -
13 The snake king The Night Of The Serpent - May 28, 2001 Lydia Marano, Brynne Stephens

Publication on DVD

In Germany, the series was released in 2004 on three DVDs.

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